PT-X Automatic Pull Tester

Product details

Wire-breaking-point value measured easily and accurately.
The motor pulls a cable at programmed stable speed. This pull tester series measures the load at the time when a crimped terminal is disconnected from a wire or the stripped wire part is broken.
The terminal clamper firmly holds various terminals: box type, tab type, pin type and others.
The cable clamper accommodates the wire thicknesses from the thin (0.05sq) to the thick (5sq).
Compact, small footprint.

  • The cable clamper pulls back the cable by automatically going back itself.
  • It stops automatically when it detects wire breakage. The display indicates immediately the peak load value of its pull test.
  • In hold mode, tension is applied continuously for an arbitrarily set time using the set tension, and OK/NG is determined based on the absence of breakage.

New functions

・Two mode : Break / Keep
・Minimum tolerance setting is available
・Pull force and time settings for Keep

Mode are available

・Maximum 16 items can be registered.
・Maximum load is 1000N
・Very quiet motor sound

Four speeds can be selected with one unit.

・25 mm/min
・50 mm/min
・100 mm/min
・200 mm/min



PC software

・Graphical display of pull force using dedicated PC software.
・Displays numerical values and graphs in real time in both break and hold modes.
・Measure data is automatically imported and saved to CSV.

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