CFM-MX Plus Crimp Force Monitor MXP

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Crimp force monitors (CFM-MX series) catch the slight change of crimp force taking place at an error.
This prevents defective items from proceeding to the subsequent steps.
Other than serious errors such as cut strands, missing terminal, and non-stripping, this system also detects the following errors.

<Missing strands of wire> <High insulation>
<Low conductor> <Crimp height error>

CFM-MX series can be installed in almost any kind of crimping machines in the world. This series can also be retrofitted on your existing crimping machines.
Two models are available: one is 2 channels (sensor 2 pieces) for automatic crimping machines, the other is 1 channel (sensor 1piece) for manual crimping machines.
Both of them have various versions depending on purposes or destinations.

Model:CFM-MX10, CFM-MX20

1CH/2CHThe number of cumulative shipments : approx 10,000.
As the standard for crimped terminals inspection,
they are used in wire harness factories around the world.
With the extensibility for computer networks,
they can perform high quality control and history data control.


 1CH/2CHFor China

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