PSA Piezoelectric strain sensor

Product details

This is a bolt fixing type strain sensor utilizing the piezoelectric effect of ceramics,measuring dynamic and quasi-static surface strain changes in structural members.

The load can be measured indirectly by measuring the strain of the structure, which occurs proportionally when a load is applied, with a sensor.
A sensor is mounted at a position where strain is generated due to a change in load, and the elongation and contraction of the sensor installation surface are detected, and electric charge is generated from the ceramics according to the change in the distance.

In addition, by performing calibration in advance, the load received by the structural member can also be measured from the amount of strain obtained.
The measuring element uses piezoelectric ceramics, which have an order of magnitude higher sensitivity than quartz, and captures very small strains (loads).

Main applications

  • Press working
  • Crimping
  • Press-fit processing
  • Welding
  • Automation of cutting and grinding machinery
  • Automation of assembly facilities

Charge output type piezoelectric strain sensor


Voltage output type piezoelectric strain sensor


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