LIS-16 Laser Image sensor

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When a stripped wire passes in a laser beam curtain on the feeding route, LIS makes up its proportional image quickly and detects errors such as non-stripping, wire-cutoff, and water protection seal’s insertion error.
Then, the speedy image processing to the proportional image allows performing high level inspections such as measuring stripped length, strands width and detecting end-open, whiskers and so on, which is impossible for conventional sensors to detect.
This system also has functions to automatically correct the image data if a cable is curved, and can perform inspection with high resolution, using sub-pixel processing.


  • Self–trigger for measurement
  • Easy installation (installable on almost any downsized crimping machines)
  • Teaching a good sample only once allows proceeding to inspection.
  • With PC, image processing and data save is possible
  • Direct access from a server machine through a computer network

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