The leading company of inline inspection system.Realizing high quality assurance in terminals and connectors. We make the inspection process in wire harness production automatized with new technologies.


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All defects detection by sensors deployed in each process from wire stripping to terminal crimping
Errors of wire-stripping, inadequate seal-insertion, cut-strands, strands out, and barrel's dent and deformation, which are all detected by piezo-electric force sensors and image processing devices. Users can, therefore, computerize inspection process and eventually increase productivity.
Wire harness inspection in every manufacturing process
100% inspection of terminals with high measurement accuracy. No defects are overlooked.
Our laser sensors and cameras can measure dimensions and detect slug marks of car-use terminals while they are manufactured. Also, the butt joint welder joints terminals strips together seamlessly and accurately.
Needs of production site can be materialized immediately with our sufficient technological capability.
We gain an understanding of users' needs and come up with good solutions.

100% quality inspection at inline production. Reliable system detecting defects, however small they are.

Offering unique sensor to every specific need.

We develop optimum sensors to meet requests in production sites. For example, we offer a laser sensor to measure the gap at a terminal, which is resistant to oil and vibration. We also offer various compact and robust piezo-electric force sensors for crimped terminals. To ensure that sensors maximize their performances and you enjoy steady and satisfying inspections as a result, we design in-house and cooperatively a mechanical fixture for guiding terminals, electric circuits to process signals, and software. We will try to create not-yet-existing technologies to contribute to improving the quality of your products and raising your productivity.

Providing global services.

We will offer you a practical training course and maintenance services to allow you to use sensors, cameras, each controller and others really well. Please consult with us.
100% quality inspection at inline production.
Reliable system detecting defects, however small they are.
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