FTA/FTW SERIES Piezoelectric load sensor

Product details

A washer-shaped load cell utilizing the piezoelectric effect of a quartz crystal.
Measurement from minute load (in grams) to large load (in tons) is possible.
When built into the equipment, forces are diverted to the bolts and structures.
Therefore, in order to perform measurement with the correct value, it is necessary to calibrate the actual load when it is assembled in the equipment.
Highly rigid and durable, ideal for applications that measure dynamic load changes.
Utilizing the features of piezoelectric sensors, they are used to monitor and control processes such as plastic working, cutting and grinding, and joining.
In addition, it is used for product inspections to judge whether the product is good or bad by measuring the reaction force of the switch or spring and the insertion/extraction force of the connector.

Main applications

  • Press working
  • Riveting
  • Screw axial force
  • Welding
  • Embossing
  • Clamping force
  • Insertion and press-fit processing
  • Switch durability inspection
  • Mechanical impact and crash test
  • Tensile and compressive strength test
  • Automation of assembly facilities

Charge pressure type piezoelectric load sensor

FTA20 (Measuring range: 0.01N~20kN)

FTA100 (Measuring range: 0.01N~100kN)

Voltage Output Type Piezoelectric Load Sensor (Amplifier Separated)

FTW01/05/10/20 (Maximum measuring range: 1kN~20kN)

FTW255 (Maximum measuring range: 25kN)

FTW50 (Maximum measuring range: 50kN)

FTW100 (Maximum measuring range: 100kN)

Voltage Output Type Piezoelectric Load Sensor (Integrated with Amplifier)

FTC2083/4083 (Maximum measuring range: 20 kN /40 kN)

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