Warranty of product

Warranty of product
Thank you for purchasing True Soltec product.

The warranty of the product is implemented when True Soltec judges that the happened trouble is caused by
wrong product design, or manufacturing failure. The warranty period is one year from the date of user
receiving of product.If installation of product or inspection on site is included in the purchase order,
the warranty period starts from the date of installation or inspection.

When trouble happens, please contact to the distributor who sold it to you and send the damaged product
to True Soltec. True Soltec will judge if it is in the warranty scope. If warranty is valid, replacement of parts,
assembly, whole product, or whatever, will be made by own discretion. The method of repair and its content,
together time schedule, will be decided by True Soltec.
After repair or replacement, the product will be transferred to the 1st place where True Soltec has delivered.
The expense of transportation will be paid by True Soltec as a part of warranty.
If it was transferred to a different place by customer’s decision after the 1st delivery, please shoulder
the cost of transferring the product. Also, if the 1st place of delivery is out of Japan, we may ask
customer to shoulder the cost of transportation of product.
Please be advised that, even if the product was repaired or entirely replaced, the warranty period is
counted from the original date of receiving, installation, or inspection of product.

The warranty does not cover the following cases:
  1. Trouble resulting from usage out of product specifications, unauthorized modification which is not
    mentioned on the instruction manual, unauthorized disassembly/repair/modification, or other incorrect

  2. Trouble resulting from transportation/transfer/falling happened after delivery of product,
    just after the tradition of order determined in terms and conditions on the quotation.

  3. Trouble resulting from lightning, fire, flood, earthquake, or other disaster.

  4. Trouble resulting from abnormal voltage, abnormal current, electrical noise from different equipment,
    or product shutdown due to blackout.

  5. Trouble resulting from usage in excess of the number of times of usage, life time, or durable years,
    if these are defined on the instruction manual or product specifications.

  6. Trouble resulting from usage of accessories or parts that are not approved by True Soltec for use
    with this product.

  7. Consumable parts such as relay or battery.

  8. Trouble resulting from your equipment or software.

  9. Deformation, breakage, or failure which has no influence for capability or function of this product.

  10. Trouble that could be prevented if consumable parts were correctly maintained, checked, and replaced.

The scope of warranty is limited as described above. Secondary damage such as damage on other equipment,
opportunity loss, or lost profits are out of warranty scope.
The replacement or repair work for the product is going to be performed with extreme caution, however,
all data including parameter settings and history data saved in this product are out of warranty scope.
The replacement or repair of this product might not be able to be performed after a lapse of 3 years from
delivery of product, regardless of free or non-free. Also, even within 3 years, it might not be able to be
performed because of advancement of technology or by certain reasons of parts and components manufacturers.

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