Our challenging technologies

Technical challenges to automate the wire harness inspection.


Superior vision processing technology keeping one step advance with high speed shutter technique. High speed strobe shuttering gives very clear and stable images without stopping wire feed, which assures crimped terminals quality.

The latest image processing has already been so powerful that in the near future, it will catch up with human eye. We will offer you image processing devices designed exclusively for inspecting wire harnesses, which allows industrial engineers to operate without difficulty and also make full use of the newest functions. Nowadays crimping machines are becoming smaller by saving spaces for parts and components and increasing its cycle speed, and therefore we design own camera units and lighting devices so that they can fit to the limited space. In the conventional method especially, you have to release the shutter after stopping the crimping machine to prevent the deterioration of image quality which affects your productivity adversely. Therefore, we developed CVM, the new technology of which offers the optical environment inexpensively where you can secure high quality images even if you release the shutter at 1/60,000 sec.


PLM, a monitor for the dynamic state of press force
This system helps users to "visualize" change in press force and detect real potential problems burried in daily operation. Stable production and increase of efficiency can be realized.

The market has kept waiting for a new highly sensitive sensor which helps users to grasp "the dynamism" around the bottom dead center of press, although the slug detectors and overload monitor are already familiar among us. Our piezo-electric strain sensors are easily installable and able to detect accurately even faint strain of 1μst on the press frame. You can see press force as visual curve to reexamine the optimum bottom dead center, confirm the compatibility between a press machine and a stamping tool, and know influences caused by thermal fluctuations against products quality. Bringing such buried problems to light will help you greatly to improve the productivity.

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