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True Soltec Co., Ltd. was established in 1988. Since then, we have been constantly dedicating ourselves to developing and optimizing “In-line Inspection System”, applied in the wire harness and the metal stamping industry.

Our first priority is to improve the product quality of our customers. Our company name True Soltec is derived from a combination of TRUE, SOLUTION, and TECHNOLOGY. Providing the customers with optimum SOLUTIONS to satisfy their requirements for quality control is the core value of our company.

We are now in the middle of a fast-developing era that witnesses many great changes in not only the automotive industry but also the home appliance manufacturing sector. Accordingly, manufacturers’ requirements for their product quality have significantly increased. Their demands for sensing devices have also risen because production equipment has been increasingly automated. In such a fast-changing environment, how can True Soltec satisfy the customers’ needs and assist them with the obstacles they are facing? By utilizing our experiences of quality control, we keep on challenging various cutting-edge technologies so that we can continuously contribute further to the development of the manufacturing industry.

Moreover, we have recently started spreading our sensor technologies to different industries, and developing new production equipment such as winding machine for metal connectors.

In the next coming years, we will dedicate ourselves more to continuously bringing innovative SOLUTIONS to our customers in a wide range of fields.

Masato Sato
President and Chief Executive Officer
True Soltec Co., Ltd.

Company profile

Company Name True Soltec Co., Ltd.
Established in October 28, 1988
Capital JPY \ 10,000,000
President Masato Sato
Address Suna 906-5, Kawagoe city, Saitama, 350-1133, Japan
Number of Employees 50 employees (as of June , 2022)
Principal business We offer the best solution to prevent production problems through 100% inline quality monitoring of harness products for automobile, medical and consumer electronics.

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By train

The nearest station: Shingashi (Tobu Tojo-line) It is about 10 seconds walking from Shingashi station East Exit to our office.

《◆From Shinjyuku》

・JR Kawagoe-line (links to JR Saikyo-line)
Shinjyuku - Kawagoe (Commuter Rapid)(50min.)
・Tobu Tojo-line
Kawagoe - Shingashi (Semi Express or local)(2min.)

《◆From Ikebukuro》

・Tobu Tojo-line
Ikebukuro - Shingashi (local express or local) (40min.)

By car
《Kan‐Etsu Expressway》

Nerima Interchange to Kawagoe Interchange
about 20km, 15min.

《From Kawagoe Interchange》

Local road
about 5.8km, 15min.

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1988 Started business mainly as importer of German quality monitoring instruments (Ikebukuro, Tokyo).
Developed model SS101 for car connectors inline dimensional measurement.
Developed Butt Joint Welder for press and plating lines.
1995 Moved to 2-16-4 Arajukumachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama.
Developed CFM (Crimp Force Monitors) for checking crimped-terminal errors in car harness production.
Developed model CFM-2000, CFM-8000, CFM-800DJ, CFM-200, CFM-100 and so on.
Developed model TSJ04 for inline dimension check of car connectors.
Developed model HO-1for measuring car connector's contact force.
Built a factory at Fuzhow, Fujjiaan, China for producing machine parts.
Distribution in USA through C & S Technologies Inc.
1999 Developed model CFM-MX.
Developed model CS01 and CS02 (Terminal cross section monitor) .
2001 Developed model TM100 (Tool monitor) for press line.
Developed model CS03 (Terminal cross section monitor).
2002 Moved to 1-12-41 Sunashinden, Kawagoe City, Saitama.
2003 Distribution in Europe through C-Tec Cable Technologies GmbH & Co.,KG.
2004 Developed model CFM-GP.
Developed model PT50 and PT100( Pull force tester for harness)
Established Shanghai Soltec Precision Instruments Co., Ltd. for distribution in the Chinese market.
2006 Opened TSP (True Soltec Philippines) at Cebu, Philippines as main maintenance service location in Southeast Asian countries.
2007 Moved to 906-5 Suna , Kawagoe City, Saitama.
2009 Developed model CFM-AP, YS-01, T-CAM1, CY-110, and Eye-M01.
2010 Distribution contract with EMTEC for Korea.
Developed model CVM-2 (Crimp camera).
Developed model ICF-01( for non-destructive contact & insertion forces measurement)
2011 Distribution contract with HASON for Vietnam.
Distribution contract with Naga Pacific for Indonesia.
2012 Developed Ten-counter (controlled by wireless network)
Developed model ICF-02 ( for non-destructive contact & insertion forces measurement)
Developed model Eye-02 (Match mark, image inspection system for injection molding mold)
Our gross sale exceeded 1,000 million Yen for the first time.
2013 Enlarged the office building
Developed model CVM-03 (Crimp Camera)
2014 Developed new Butt Joint Welder for connecter's carrier
Developed model PLM01 (Press Load Monitor)
2015 Established TRUE SOLTEC VIET NAM CO., LTD.

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